Swing City

Swing City Norwich is a not-for-profit organisation run by a group of people dedicated to promoting Lindy Hop and other Swing Dances in Norwich and the surrounding area.

The Team

The Swing City Teachers have many years of experience in teaching various styles of swing dancing. 

Al and Linda

Al and Linda Howland of Rock the Block (www.rocktheblock.co.uk) have been leading the way in swing dancing in the Norwich area and East Anglia since 2000 and have organised many dances and workshops and promote the twice yearly 'Any Swing Goes' dance camp, where you will find a myriad of International Teachers. Their aim is to foster all forms of traditional jive, including Lindy Hop, Balboa, Boogie Woogie and Blues.



Matt and Tracey

Matt Nunn is an enthusiast of the retro culture and can be seen strutting his unique form of Swing Dance, "dressed to the nines" in full ragtime regalia.


He is also the creator of the Tiger Rag Club (an evocation of a 1930's night club) and more recently the Hot Rhythm Club, playing music of the Swing era.


Matt can also be found spinning the 78s as his alter egos, Earl Harlem and Hank JD Sleek.


Tracey Marie Hearn has been dancing for about seven years now and is one of the most exciting up and coming dancers in the area. She brings some real intelligence and style to the teaching of Lindy Hop.


Tracey is constantly searching for new Lindy Hop inspiration and has danced in Europe, America and Asia.


Rob and Debbie

Rob and Debbie Tarrant started teaching in the Norwich area in 1995 having taught previously in Oxford and Reading. Rob has danced in many forms since being a teenager in the early days of disco! However, after giving up his martial arts teaching through injury and business committments he turned to Swing Dancing to fill the void. Having learnt his craft in Sweden, Germany, America and London, he competed in the Inaugural Lindy Hop World championships where he did badly!


Debbie began her dancing career in the glitz and glamour of ballroom where she collected enough trophies to make her Mum proud. She loves her Latin, so bring on the Latino music and watch the hips swivel! Now she teaches Swing Dancing!


Together they bring a strong technical background along with a keen sense of musicality, timing and style.


Wendy Wharton has danced Swing, Jive and Rock 'n' Roll just about everywhere for the past 15 years and is usually one of the dancers keeping the DJ up and spinning the tunes 'till dawn! An amazingly energetic dancer who will leave you breathless with the speed and lightness of her footwork.



History of Swing City

It all started back in 1995 when Rob moved up to Norfolk from London to pursue a short lived career in Boatbuilding. Alongside Debbie they brought Lindy Hop to Norwich where they taught for several years before "semi-retiring" from dancing to concentrate on family and business.


Enter left stage Al and Linda (and what an entrance) to take up the flame of Lindy Hop and keep it burning brightly. With regular classes and events in the area they became known as the people to learn authentic Lindy Hop from in Norfolk.


Around 2008, Matt and Haidee Bishop set up the concept of the Swing City Collective to promote a wider concept of swing dance within Norwich and brought to the mix their stylish version of Jump Jive based off a solid understanding of Lindy Hop.


And through all of this you have our most consistent participant, Wendy, who has supported all of the above people in their efforts to get Swing Dancing off the ground in the area.


In 2008 we all finally came back together and decided to join forces to collectively teach Swing Dance in Norwich, bringing together our eclectic styles and experience to offer a rich melting pot to people wanting to learning the original style of jive. Since then Tracey has joined the teaching team whilst Haidee has gone off to pastures new.