Regular Classes

Every Monday - check the schedule for holidays and breaks


Doors open at 7.30pm


Beginner Class  7.45pm - 8.45pm

Social Dancing 8.45pm - 9.15pm


Improver/Intermediate class at 9.15pm - 10.00pm

Social Dancing 10.00pm - 10.30pm


Only £6 per person

Norwich venue (subject to change please check for details)


Further details from Linda Howland Tel: 01603 458637 or Mob: 07876 441981




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Do I need a partner?


Definitely not! Swing dancing is a social dance so we constantly rotate partners through the classes. Come along and try it out, there will be plenty of people to dance with.


Is it ok if I just dance with my partner?


Yes that is absolutely fine. There are advantages to rotating as there is a good mix of people at different levels, so it can help you learn faster, but if you want to stay with your partner until you get comfortable it is not a problem.


Do I need to book?


No, we have a drop in policy, but the course is progressive but has a rolling re-cap structure as we know that not everyone can make every week.  Indeed, we can accommodate new people that wish to join part way through a course.


Do I need special clothing?


No, just comfortable clothes and comfortable shoes to be able to move freely in.


What if I have a missed a week or two?


The class will have moved on a bit but the course structure has a a level of recap in each lesson. If you feel you've missed too much then you can always take the course again and brush up on anything you need to.


Is it ok to take the beginners course more than once?


Absolutely. Extra practice at the core skills we teach in the beginners classes is always useful.  Indeed, many of our more experienced dancers join in the beginner lesson to help those with less experience.